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3a How many inmates were in the workhouse?

3b Choose one day and work out what food was consumed in the workhouse?

3c Were the inmates of the workhouse getting a healthy diet? What was wrong with the diet?

Are there any signs that the matron realised that the diet was not good enough?

Look back at sources 1 and 2 and think about what you have learnt from source 3.

3d Do these sources suggest that the Overseers had made a serious attempt to reform the workhouse after Thomas Tatham's letters?

3e If you were in charge of the workhouse, what changes would you make to improve the conditions? Source 4

This is the dietary for the Huddersfield Workhouse. This was the list of meals that were supplied to the inmates of the workhouse.

Catalogue ref: MH 12/15070; The Dietary for the Huddersfield Workhouse
(Catalogue ref: MH12/15070)