HS 9/836/5 Mission details for Noor Inayat Khan

Went into field 16.6.43




Operation: NURSE

Christian name in the field: MADELEINE

Name on Papers: Jeanne Marie RENIER


You are going to France to work as wireless operator for a locally recruited organiser, who is established in the region of Le Mans.


You will go into the field by Lysander with another agent to a point

5 ¼ kms. S. of Tieroe

3 ¼ W.N.W of Villeveque

On arrival you will be taken to Paris, where the Chief of your Reception Committee will give you instructions for contacting your organiser, Cinema.

In case of any accident occurring, you will contact Henri GARRY at 40 rue Erlanger, Paris 16e (8th floor opposite lift door). Telephone:

  1. AUTeil 62.35)

before 10 a.m.

  1. VAUgiras 86.55)

The password which must be used is “Je viens de la part do votre ami Antoine pour des nouvelles au sujet de la Societe en Batiment”, to which the reply is “L’affaire est en cours.”

You must use great discretion in contacting him.


You have been given a cover story and papers in the name of Jeanne Marie RENIER, which you will use for your normal life in the field. To cover your personality as an agent you will use the name MADELEINE.

  1. You will receive and send messages for Cinema’s circuit. Although you are under his command and will take your instructions from him, you are the ultimate judge as regards the technicalities of W/T and W/T security. We should like to point out here that you must be extremely careful with the filing of your messages. Cinema will give you as much assistance as he can, but at the same time you are expected to be as self-reliant as possible.
  2. You will encode your messages yourself and will accept none but those which are passed to you by Cinema, unless he gives you instructions to the contrary.


You will be taking with you Frs.            for your personal use. You will endeavour to keep an account of what you spend and will apply to Cinema when you require further funds.


  1. You will sever contact with the people who receive you as soon as you possibly can and after that will refrain from contacting members of any circuit apart from your own.
  2. As regards wireless communication with us, we would stress that you should only be on the air when necessary and that your transmissions should be as short as possible.
  3. You will send us as soon as possible the address of a post box through which we contact you personally should the wireless communications break down.
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What are the pupils’ first impressions about the appearance of the document? What have they noticed? You could draw their attention to the typed format and handwritten annotations in red at the top. Do they have any ideas about the type of document at this stage?

Where has Noor been asked to go? Why is she going there and what does she need to do once she arrives?