Document Two (a) - MH12/11198/83

Archive reference: MH 12/11198/83.
Date of Letter: 30 December 1848
Poor Law Union: Wolstanton and Burslem Poor Law Union

Chell Workhouse
December, 30, 1848.
I am desirous of directing your attention to the following report of the conduct of the Baker of this union, whose name is William Stubbs:- as follows
Whereas on the 15 instant the said William Stubbs, did in the most outrageously insulting manner, threaten, suiting the action to the words, to “Knock my bloody head off”; the Governor being present, and but for his (The Governors) influence would unquestionably have put his savage threat into execution. As a matter of course the case as been laid before The Guardians, on the 19 instant. And on the following day to my astonishment the decision of the Guardians has reported to me by the Governor that they (The Guardians) “did not consider the case of sufficient importance to be investigated”. On this ground, and viewing such decision as wholly unsatisfactory, I appeal to your superior judgement, trusting you will forthwith institute such inquiry into this matter as will [had] to more satisfactory results
I am Gentlemen Your very Obedient and very devoted Servant,
John Cartwright. Inmate

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