Industrial school timetable

Timetable from a girl’s industrial school in Hampton, Middlesex, 1862 (ED 37/199)

Industrial Schools were intended to help those children under 14 years old who were found to be homeless or begging but who had not as yet committed any serious crime. The idea was to remove the child from bad influences, give them an education and teach them a trade. The children either attended the school daily or they were able to live in. The boys learned trades such as gardening, tailoring and shoemaking; the girls learned knitting, sewing, housework and washing.


Time Table at the Hampton School of Industry
9¼ to9.45 to 10.1510.15 to 10.45 10.45 to 11.15 to Mark registers.
9.45 [11.45 error]11.15 11.45 Grace and dismiss.
Monday Scripture Arithmetic & tablesDictation Secular reading Spelling Monday 11.45 to 12
Tuesday" "Dictation Grammar Writing Arithmetic & tablesTuesday
Wednesday " "Spelling Catechism Church Church Wednesday
Thursday " "Arithmetic & tablesDictation Secular reading Spelling Thursday
Friday " "Dictation Geography Writing Arithmetic & tablesFriday
Saturday " "Collect Spelling Catechism Liturgy Saturday
Needle work
Approved by Reverend E. Johnstone, Vicar
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