Housing: Buckfastleigh scheme

Letter from Buckfastleigh Urban District Council, 13 August 1925 giving provisional approval for the Glover’s Park, Devon, housing scheme (Catalogue ref: HLG 49/134)




Proposals for provisional approval

  1. The estimate of the existing need for houses of the working classes in Buckfastleigh is based on the Schemes which were put forward to be proceeded with in 1920. There were three schemes viz. The Abbey Meadow Scheme for 11 houses, which scheme was completed, the Glover’s Park Site Scheme for 18 houses which was not allowed to be proceeded with by the Ministry after tenders had been invited, and the Three Corners Site Scheme which was also stopped. The Council have no waiting list but there are a large number of persons in Buckfastleigh requiring accommodation and the houses would let immediately. I enclose the Annual Report of the M.O.H. which particularly refers to the present housing conditions at Buckfastleigh. It is impossible to make [any] closing orders to the shortage of houses.
  2. The Council propose to build 20 houses on the Glovers Park site, subject to special conditions, on receiving the Exchequer Subsidy of £9 per house per annum for 40 years.

By private enterprise one Firm are proposing to build ten houses (Certificates for four have been issued and the remaining six have already been approved by the Ministry).

  1. The whole scheme for Glover’s Park Site will be put into hand at once provided the tenders are satisfactory.
  2. Glover’s Park Site acquired under the Assisted Scheme in 1921 but since appropriated with the approval of the Ministry for ordinary Housing purposes.
  3. The Council are satisfied that the proposals will not prejudice any Town Planning Scheme likely to be made. The houses will be set back from the two roads sufficiently to allow for road widening purposes.
  4. The houses will be of a rate of density not exceeding 12 to the acre.
  5. It is anticipated that the whole of the 20 houses would be completed within twelve months from the date of the sanction to the loan, which would be approximately about 1st October 1926. The first block of houses would be completed six months from the date of the approval of the raising of the loan and the remaining houses at intervals between six months and 12 months.
  6. Present Labour position. The labour Exchange Branch Manager writes dated 12th August 1925 as follows-:
  • Building trade. At present unemployed 6 labourers suitable for building and excavating.
  • General position. Fair demand for labour, which is with the exception of 6 in No.1 all absorbed. No masons, mechanics in the Building trade at present unemployed.

There are only two firms of Builders in Buckfastleigh and they are fully engaged in the general building and repair work of the District. Tenders would have to be obtained from outside firms and outside labour introduced.

  1. A copy of the resolution of the council is sent herewith.

Totnes. 13th August 1925



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