Fabric for the future

Advertisement for crimplene clothing from The Observer, 25th September 1960 (HO 244/384)


Look what ‘Terylene’ is up to now!


This is a very exciting moment- the birth of a fabric with a dazzling future. Crimplene is 100% ‘Terylene’, bulked up by a very special new process.

Crimplene jersey has a wonderful feeling for fashion, as leading houses have already discovered. It looks pleasantly weighty, yet feels light as a feather. It feels soft, yet can take any amount of wear. It has all the plusses of ‘Terylene’.

Anything made of ‘Crimplene’ – however haute couture it is – can be washed at home (even in a washing machine) and hung out on the line to dry without losing its shape. No ironing. Sounds too good to be true. But it is true.

Style F659 by ROTER MODELS. Fabric by Jerseycraft. In lilac/black, blue/black, beige/white and grey/white.
Sizes 36″-42″ hips. About 14 1/2 gns.

‘Crimplene’ is the bulked yarn made from ‘Terylene’ polyester fibre. The words ‘Crimplene’ and ‘Terylene’ are trademarks of IMPERIAL CHEMICALS INDUSTRIES LIMITED, LONDON.

Hat by Simone Mirman

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