Great Exhibition 1851

Illustrated scene from the Great Exhibition, 1851. The Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of All Nations was the first international exhibition of its kind. It was devised by Prince Albert and Henry Cole and became a symbol of the Victorian age and a showcase for British manufacture. (Catalogue ref: ZLIB 17/81/60)


Fig. 33. The Transept looking North. ‘In the midst is seen the Fountain of Glass; behind it, and also in groups near the south entrance, are beautiful tropical plants, sheltered by the elm-trees which rise above them; and above all springs the light and elegant arch of the wonderful Transept. The glitter of the falling waters in the gleaming light which pours down unobscured in this part of the building, and the artistic arrangement of the groups of objects of art and industry in the immediate vicinity of the Transept, renders this a peculiarly attractive part of this immense structure.’

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