Pension for ‘Trench foot’

Pension records are another source for enquiring into the types of injury experienced by soldiers fighting in trenches on the Western Front. The document also details the amount of pension payable to this man at the end of the war, (Catalogue ref: PIN 26/11809)


Rank Private Regimental Number 29560
Name Puddifoot, William Alfred   
Regiment; Bedfords [Bedfordshire Regiment] Depot

The Bedfordshire Training Depot was opened at Ampthill Park in September 1914 for training new recruits but from October 1916 it became the Bedfordshire Command Depot and turned its attention to treating wounded soldiers.]

Date of Discharge 26.1.18   
Age of commencement of Pension 32   
Trade Paper Cutter   
Address 172 Chester Road, Watford, Herts 




27 [shillings] & 6 [pence] for 26 weeks

Children’s allowance 5 [shillings] for 1

Character Very good       Badges


Names of children

Place of Birth  
Foreign Service

France            6 months- 4.10.16-1.4.17

Date of enlistment        1.12.15  
Date of Mobilization    31.5.16  
Cause of Discharge  Physically unfit, Trench Foot           TOTAL DISABLEMENT

Report of Medical Board (dated 5.1.18)

Originated 13.3.17 Arras

Result of active service-Trench foot “2”, not permanent, 6 months. Presents 100% (disability) at present.

Should attend an orthopaedic centre every month for advice and treatment…


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