Poor diet

This medical case sheet is interesting because there is a suggestion that the skin disease described here is linked to poor diet, or lack of vegetables. There is evidence in this collection that some doctors at the front carried out investigations into the existence of scurvy among the men, (Catalogue ref: MH 106/2100)


Medical Case Sheet                                                     Army Form I 1237
No, in Admission and Discharge Book




No. 10972







Christian Name



Year Unit Age Service
1915 8th Rifle Brigade 21 -6
Station & Date

No.12  Canadian Stationary Hospital Boulogne









Disease: Psorsias


Admitted here Dec. 8th/15, covered with a rash. Whole body is covered. Red patches with white scale on surface about half as large as a pea are covering the whole body except the face which has a few individual patches. This came on as itchy spots about three weeks ago which kept increasing in number and size.

He says he has had an itchy skin disease practically all his life but it never amounted to much. His mother used to be affected the same.

He has been in the trenches a month and says he has had very little vegetables since joining up. No treatment given him before coming here.


Transferred to England-improved



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