Example of Medical Field Card

This is an example of an Army Field Medical Card, Army Form W.3118, and these often do not survive with other service records. It was completed when a man was admitted as a casualty to a Field Ambulance and would have accompanied him on his journey to the casualty clearing station and then base hospital if he survived. (Catalogue ref: MH106/2139)


[Front of card-right side]

Army Form W.3118


No. ——— Rank LIEUT

Name    WARDEN A.J.

Unit        11th LEICESTERS

Battle          Casualty       Accidentally Wounded     Sick

(Strike out description which does not apply)

No. of F.A. [Field Ambulance] 17

Date of admission   17/5/18

F.A. diagnosis    Shell gas (W) Yellow X

… R.A.M.C.

Additional notes to be written on back of card.

C.C.S. diagnosis (if altered from above)

___________________________________________________________________Base Hospital diagnosis (alterations or additions)

[Left side of card]

A.T. Serum [anti-tetanus]

Dose and date 1st




Dose and time

Date of wound or onset of illness 16/5/18

Religion C .of E. [Church of England]


Reverse of field card

Date of entry and medical unit admitting must be recorded immediately on admission. Brief clinical notes to be added later and signed by M.O.[Medical Officer]


2nd Canadian

17th May 1918

Casualty Clearing Station


No. of C.C.S.

Date of entry

Majority of symptoms are those rather of the new arsene compound [used in the gas] rather than mustard gas [sulfur based gas]

Base 4

  1. G. Wood

[Left side of card]                   [Stamp]

No. of Hospital                      No.5    B.R.C. [British Red Cross] Hospital, no 1913

Date of entry                         18.5.18

Eyes [very] painful, impossible to open.


[Very] much improved, complains of pain left axillary region [armpit]


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