Statement by Roger Bigod and Henry de Bohun, 1297

A statement made by barons Roger Bigod and Henry Bohun. Dated August 1297 (E 159/70).



The Earl Marshal (Roger Bigod) and the Earl of Hereford (Humphrey Bohun) and several others wish to express, on behalf of all the community of the realm, great concern about the recent raising of taxes by the king.

In the orders that have been issued for collecting taxation on both property and wool, it is written that the taxation has been agreed by the earls and barons, knights and the community of realm. Yet we contend that the taxation has never been agreed.

Furthermore, the community say that if they are taxed at the will of king and without being consulted, they are no greater than a man of servitude. If the tax went ahead, it would diminish their rights, and cause the disinheritance of their heirs.

They also say that such a tax on property and wool as the king proposes would not be tolerable, nor would they tolerate it in any manner.

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