Burial of Muslim soldiers

Extracts relating to the burial of Muslim soldiers, 30 October 1914 (catalogue reference WO 32/18578)

These extracts are from a report on the internment of Muslim soldiers, summarising reasons put forward by Moulvi (Imam) Sadruddin for the choice of a Muslim burial ground near the mosque in Woking. For political reasons,  so as not to give any cause for concern and jeopardise British rule in India, the British government was willing to agree to the establishment of a Muslim burial ground.

Transcripts (highlighted passages)


Moulvi Sadruddin is most emphatic that every effort should be made to obtain land near the mosque at Woking for the burial of Mahomedan soldiers. His reasons are a) If there were frequent burials he would have much difficulty in getting to Brookwood to officiate. b) A certain number of Mohamedans are required to assist with the burial rites. These can be found in Woking but not at Brookwood. c) He wishes the cemetery to be near the mosque in order to show it to Indian officials who visit the Mosque. The Mosque is the only one in England and is frequently visited by influential Indians.


I think the proposal is well calculated to meet and simplify all difficulties in regard to Moslem burials and to produce an excellent impression in India from a political point of view, apart from the sentimental or religious aspect of the question. It will be realised there that the Secretary of State for India and the War Office are doing all that is possible for the soldiers, who die for their Sovereign and their country.

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