Union with Scotland

Extract from the preface of the Articles of Union drawn up by the Commissioners of England and Scotland, 6 December 1604 (catalogue ref: SP 14/10b whole volume)

This source is the proposed articles of union between England and Scotland (which failed). The transcription is taken from the opening part and shows the King’s intention to unite the two kingdoms.


For as much as by the Princely care and providence of the Kings most Excellent Majesty and in his sincere love and affection to the subjects of both his kingdoms of England and Scotland (now most happily conjoined and united in loyal subjection unto his Royal Person and Progeny) and by the wisdom of the several Parliaments of both Realms held in this year in the said several kingdoms, it hath been thought an adjudged meet [befitting] and necessary that by some mature and sound deliberation all means might be found out and considered of whereby the blessed Union already begun and inherent in his Majesty’s Royal blood and person by the lineal and lawful descent from his Majesty’s ancestors most famous and worthy kings of both realms may effectually proceed…etc

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