Prince and Infanta

Extract from letter from Mr Killigrew to the Lord Treasurer concerning Prince Charles and the Infanta, Maria Anna, daughter of King Phillip III, 20 April 1623 (catalogue ref: (SP 14/143f.43).

This is a letter to the Lord Treasurer about the early stages of Prince Charles’ trip to Spain. It shows the hopes and initial optimism about his marriage to the Infanta, which turned out to be unfounded. (This document has some water damage to it, so some sections of the transcript are missing.)


Right Honourable

Your Letter… [water damage] of it. But yesterday night late came letters out of Spain by Mr Killigrew with whose glad tidings I know you are amply acquainted with, hath by specially letters to yourself any by relation of Mr Secretary Calvert: Yet acknowledging (as I do) your noble duty and love to those persons that are in Spain, I am assured it will not be unwelcome to you to hear it again that the Prince, my Lord of Buckingham and all the rest are in health: that the Prince hath seen and spoken with his mistress: his affection doubled: the love and reverence of his person daily increased in the hearts of the King, his Grandees and the people: the dispensation hourly expected: the time resolved for their being here [i.e. returned] midsummer; and the ships with horses, and all things appertaining to [?] stayed. The fleet hastened… [water damage]…

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