Breakdown of the match

Extract from a letter from George Calvert to Secretary Conway regarding the breakdown of the Spanish Match, 12 September 1623, (catalogue ref: SP 14/152f.45).

This letter reveals some of the concerns over the marriage between Prince Charles and the Infanta of Spain. The section transcribed below shows these English diplomats’ attempts to keep relations with Spain healthy despite this failure.



According to his Majesty’s pleasure signified unto me by you this morning, I repaired unto the Spanish ambassadors making my pretext no other than an ordinary visit, and to tell you truly, I found them extremely discomforted with the sense of yesterday’s news, that the Prince comes away without the Infanta. I found the Marquis in his bed writing into Spain, for that this night he tells me he sends away a correspondence and for that dispatch detains so long by Mr Glenham, he will take care then shall no hurt grow of any jealousy then as he tells me he hath already given you assurance for complaint, he never made any. Only a messenger of his own going away within some five days after Mr Glenham’s arrival he would not choose but advertise thither that by Mr Glenham he had received no packet, [of letters] but all that shall be solved now by this despatch. They remonstrate me with all the protestations and oaths that Christians can make that they have continually advised the consummation of the marriage with all speed, and that the Prince and the Infanta might come together. I did on the other part give them so full assurance of his Majesty’s constant purpose and resolution in his proceedings and in very circumstance concerning it, mentioning particularly that of the oaths which the absent Lords are now to take…

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