Laws to control Scotland

Extracts from a sketch of regulations proposed to be made in Scotland, 28 June 1746 (SP 54/32/24).


Sketch of regulations proposed to be made in Scotland, 1746

Additions submitted

It is imagined that this will fully serve to attain the whole within the Districts specified in the Act, but it would be for His Majesty’s Service to have the Commander in Chief in Scotland and one or two more Generals in the Commission.

A Bill, to empower the King to issue a Commission or Commissions of Enquiry with proper Powers to enquire concerning the Behaviour of the Clans, within certain Districts, from the Beginning & during the Course of the Rebellion: whether the Inhabitants remained at the Places of their Habitations; to what Places they went; whether armed or not; whether they continued in their Allegiance or joined or assisted the Rebells.

The Commissioners to be authorised to examine upon Oath, to summon any Persons to come before them & to Seize & apprehend, for Disobedience; but, not to examine any Person upon Oath, to accuse himself…

The abolishing the Habit after a proper time, will be of infinite use but should they pretend that this mountainous country requires their Habit (which I am not at all convinced of) then the use of Tartan or Plaid should be particularly forbid, as it is what makes their uniform.

It is to be wished that the abolishing the Names of some of the worst clans, may be of use. But, the MacGregors, tho’ forbid by Law, continued always to be called so in the Hills, and on all Troubles, publickly took up that Name again, it is to be fear’d, nothing but Transplanting can succeed.

That the Preachers at the allowed meeting Houses, be Persons ordained by English Bishops and who shall have Certificates from the Bishops of their Principles with respect to the Government as well as Religion.

2. For the abolishing the Highland Dress, from a reasonable period of time, after that time, this Habit not to be used under pain of transportation.

3. For abolishing the Names of some of the Clans, most notoriously concerned in the Rebellion, viz, Cameron, Mac Pherson and In the like manner as the McGregors by the Statute Cha.1. Part 1: Act 30.

Not to call or write themselves by that Name, under Pain of Transportation. Penalties on other Persons calling them by that Name. A Bill more effectualy to surpress all meeting Houses & Conventicles, [a small meeting house or chapel for a religious assembly, especially of Nonconformists] for religious worship in Scotland where the King & family shall not be prayed for by Name…

The only effectual method for disarming the Highlands appears to be by the proposed annual visitations.

4. A Bill for the following purposes, viz

5. The more effectual disarming the Highlands in order…

Visitations and by inflicting Death or Transportation as the Punishment on all who may be found armed, or to have arms concealed in or near their Habitations, & that every circuit, everyone should be brought to his Tryal, that shall have been seen with arms; This beside the annual visitations.

N.B. Swords to be named particularly, as they won’t understand them to be arms…

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