Mar on Sherrifmuir

Letter from the Earl of Mar to the Governor of Perth on the battle of Sheriffmuir, giving his view of the battle as a complete Jacobite victory. 13 November 1715 ( SP 54/10/45A).


Barock Sunday the 13th November 1715

Mar’s Letter to the Governor of Perth

I thought you would be anxious to know the fate of this day.  We attacked the Enemy on the end of the Sheriff  Muir at 12 of the Cloack [clock] this day on our Right and Centre, and Carry’d the day entirely, and pursued the Enemy to the little hill on the south of Dunblain [Dunblane], And there I got most of our horse, and a pretty good number of our foot brought again into some order,  We knew not then what was become of our Left so we returned to the field of Battle, We discovered a Body of the Enemy to the north of us, consisting mostly of the Grey Dragoons and some of the Black [Dragoons] and We also discerned a body of their foot a little — north upon the field where we were in the morning and East of that, a Body as we thought of our own foot and still I believe it was so.  I formed the horse and foot with me in a Line On the north side of the hill where we had engaged and keept [kept] our front towards the Enemy to the north of us, who seemed  at first as if they intended to march towards us But upon our forming and marching towards Them they halted and marched North to Dunblain Our Baggage and Train horses had all run away in the beginning  of the action But we got some horses, and brought off most of the Train to the place where we quarter tonight about Ardoch whether we marched in very good order, And had our Left, and 2nd Line behaved as our Right, and the Rest of the first Line did, Our victory had been Compleat [complete] But another day is coming for that, and I hope ‘ere long too.

I send you a List of the Officers names who are prisoners here, beside those who are dangerously wounded, and could not come along whose words of honour were taken.  Two of these are the Earl of Forfar, who I’m afraid will dye, and Captain Urqhart of Burdsyards who is very ill wounded, We have also a good number of private men prisoners, But the number I do not exactly know.

We have lost to our Regreats [regret] the Earl Of Strathmore and the Captain of Clan Ranald, some are missing But their fate we are not sure of.     The Earl Of Panmure, Drummond Logie [Logie-Drummond], and Lieutenant Colonel Macklean [Maclean] are wounded, this is all that I have to say now But that I am yours [Mar]

P.S. We have taken a great many of the Enemy’s army.


Montague                         Colonel Albert Larunce [Laurence], Captain John Edwards
Clayton                              Captain William Barlow, Lieutenant Edward Gibson
Lord Mark Ker                Captain Michael Moret
Lord Orery  [Orrery]    Captain Walter Chiefly, Lieutenant Thomas Mitchelson [Michelson] and Hey [Hay], Lieutenant ,Richard Heneway
Brigadier Morison        Ensign Justin Holdman since dead
Glenkindy, and a good number of private men, and armies

November 16 1715.        The following from the Governor of Burntisland

We had the particulars following this morning from the Governor of Perth and Mr Mark Wood Dean of Guild there, That 110 private prisoners were brought into Perth yesterday with ten officers, the Enemy lost on the spot above 800 men and of ours there’s not above 60 private men killed But severall of our Officers taken We have got 40 good horses, and 1500 stand of the Enemy’s arms. Upon receipt of this news The Governor acquainted the magistrate, Whereupon they went to Church and thanked God, for the victory.

Earl Mars Sect of State of the Actions at Dunblane
13 Nov: 1715

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