Resistance to George I (i)

A court case about a man who refused to toast the health of King George I, 26 July 1716 (SP 41/5 f43).


County of Somerset

The information of William Hayes of [Glastonbury] aforesaid Yeoman taken upon his oath before me one of His Majesties Justices of the Board of this Town and Corporation of Glastonbury the 30th day of Aprill 1716

Who Saith that about the latter end of July last past he was drinking at one John Brooks’s a publique [public] house in Glaston[bury] with Benjamin Taylor of Wells and he heard King Georges health offered him to drink and the Said Taylor refused it and further said that in a little time he should see King George turned out by the Nose, putting his hand up to his own Nose giving it a Twist to shew the company how it should be done.

William Hayes

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