Resistance to George I (ii)

A court case about a man who said that George I was not the lawful king and should be sent home [to Hanover]. 26 July 1716 (SP 41/5 f.44).


The Information of John Applin of [Glastonbury] aforesaid Stockingmaker taken upon his Oath before me [John Roode] one of his Majesties Justices of the Peace of the Said Town and Corporation of [Glastonbury] the 30th day of Aprill 1716 [Glastonbury] [County of Somerset] Who saith [said] that about St James Tyde [25th July, 1666 was St James’s Day to mark a sea battle in the second Anglo-Dutch War] last past he was at Benjamin Taylors house in Wells in the County aforesaid [mentioned before] and that the Said Taylor said ‘King George was a Usurping [unlawful] King and that in a little time he did hope to see him sent home into his own country to sow turnips.

John Applin

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