Civil disobedience

Report to the War Office in London of levels of disruption across various provinces, 17th August 1942 (WO 208/761A)



From: C. in C. India.
Desp.1600 17 Aug.42.
To: War Office.
Usual Addressees.
Recd.1220 18 Aug.42.

19748/I cipher 17 Aug.

Sitrep 44.

Assam. Bridge on Imphal-Palel Road washed away. M.S. 22.

Internal. In most areas situation shows improvement but tendency noted for trouble to spread to rural areas in parts Madras Bengal and U.P. Indications of planning in sabotage and suggestion that forward bloc or other subversive organisation behind it in Eastern India. Situation by Provinces.

Bombay. Quiet exception Ahmedabad where some deterioration and troops patrolling city.

Bengal. In Calcutta sporadic attacks continue upon some essential services. In districts except Dacca disorder limited partial Hartals and Students. Considerable rioting Dacca Area including damage railway system.

Central Provinces. Situation improved except in area round Magpur where rioting continues.

United Provinces. Situation considerably improved Urban Areas exception Benares and labour working at Benares University has declared for Quote Free India Unquote and U.T.C. has been termed quote National Army unquote for dacoity and sabotage. Wire cutting continuous various districts.

Madras. City quiet. In districts Hartals Students strikes and demonstration continue as also attacks upon communications.

Assam. Atmosphere apathetic and Hartals feeble.

Punjab. Generally quiet except some wire cutting Lahore.

Orissa N.W.F.P. Sind. Nothing to report.

Bihar. Situation Patna improving. No serious disturbances coalfields. Sporadic attacks upon E.I. railway system continue. Signs that people beginning realize troops mean business. Aircraft flights over disturbed areas having good effect. Troopers pass Secretary of State India Office.

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