Women’s Land Army 2043

Cartoon published in The Land Girl magazine, April 1943. The Land Girl magazine helped to prevent land girls from feeling isolated and first went on sale on 1st April 1940 for the cost of 4d. [2 pence]. It started as an unofficial Women’s Land Army publication. It became very popular, selling around 21,000 a week. The Ministry of Agriculture realised its popularity and paid for its production. The extracts shown here provide some insight into the role of the Women’s Land Army and how some land girls engaged with the magazine. Catalogue ref: MAF 59/22


[Illustration of woman in a long dress carrying a wooden stool and bucket next to a cow]:

Women’s Land Army — 1743

[Illustration of woman in pants and a shirt next to a cow and an automatic milking machine]:

Women’s Land Army — 1943

[Illustration of woman in a short dress next to a cow-shaped machine with different taps for different types of dairy products]:

Women’s Land Army — 2043

Return to Home Front 1939-1945 (part two)