Join the Women’s Land Army

Recruiting poster for the Women’s Land Army, Catalogue ref: INF 13/140/19

The Women’s Land Army was a British civilian organisation created in 1917 during the First World War so women could work in agriculture. It was revived in 1939 to recruit women to work on the land. The Women’s Land Army had a uniform – green jerseys, brown breeches, brown felt hats and khaki overcoats. However, the Land Army was not a military force and many women did not wear the uniform. Some women lived in hostels but most lived on individual farms. Conditions were often poor and pay was low but many women enjoyed the work. The Women’s Land Army remained in existence until 1950.

  • Can you explain how words and image are used to persuade women to join the Land Army?
  • Why did the government want women to join the Women’s Land Army?
  • Do you think it provides a realistic picture of work on the land? Explain your ideas.
  • Why could the Women’s Land Army not rest in 1943? What were they trying to do according to ‘the Land Girl’ magazine? Catalogue ref: MAF 59/22
  • What does the poem called ‘A land girl’s day’ and the cartoon called ‘Women’s Land Army’ reveal about the life of a land girl?
  • Why do you think the Ministry of Agriculture did not use this photograph of women gathering cabbages as a poster to recruit for the Land Army? Catalogue ref: MAF 59/22


‘We could do with thousands more like you..’


Apply to nearest W.L.A County Office or to W.L.A Headquarters 6, Chesham Street, London S.W.1

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