The Hoefle Telegram

Extract of a larger coded telegram reporting on movements of Jews to death and concentration camps (catalogue reference HW 16/23)

Translated transcript

13/15 OLQ de OMQ 1005 83 234 250

State secret! To the commander of the Security Police, for the attention of SS Obersturmbannfuhrer HEIM, KRAKAU. Re: 14-day report operation REINHARD. Reference: radio telegram from there

Recorded arrivals until December 42, L 12761, B 0, S 515, T 10335, totalling 23611. Situation 31 December 42, L 24733, B 434508, S 101370, T 71355, totalling 1274166. SS and police leader of Lublin, HOFLE, Sturmbannfuhrer


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