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3.2.45 Lancaster I”W” ME 450 F/O WATSON, MF/S Wood, K NZ4212785F/S Dawson, R NZ421686F/S Ford, GSgt Pare, RSgt Mentiply, WSgt Belland, A Capt.Nav.A/BWO/AIRF/EngMU/Gnr.R/Gnr. 16.32 21.33 Bomb Load1 x 4,000 H.C.7 x 500 ANM2 x 500 M.C.1 x MunroPrimary Target DortmundGood Attack


A/B – Aircrewman Bombardier, or bomb aimer. The bomb aimer helped the navigator to guide the plane to a bombing target and release the bombs.

ANM – Anti-Nero Mine. Gordon Ford was a member of different crews who dropped these on German ships near Denmark. The mines had to be dropped from 60 feet. This meant the plane had to fly low, at great risk to the crew as they could easily be shot down.

Capt. – Captain

Dortmund- City in Germany, south of the River Ruhr

F/Eng. – Flight Engineer

F/O – Flying Officer

F/S – Flight Sergeant

Mu/Gnr. – Mid-Under Gunner

Munro – Type of bomb used for dropping leaflets (used by USA)

Nav. – Navigator. The Navigator worked out the route to fly.

Primary – Main

R/Gnr. – Rear Gunner

Sortie – Flight, mission, job

WO/AIR – Wireless operator for the plane

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1. Read Source 1.

  • Can you find Gordon Ford’s name?
  • What rank (position) was he?
  • What is the date of the flight mission (job)?
  • Where was he flying to?
  • What kind of plane did he use?
  • How many men were in his crew?
  • Why do you think the squadron kept a book like this?