Turnpike tolls

List of tolls charged on the turnpike road from Leeds to Selby, 1740 (RAIL 800/241/4)


Tolls to be taken

For every Coach, Chariot, Landau [four-wheeled carriage with for two passenger with a roof in two sections that can be lowered or detached], Berlin, [four-wheeled closed carriage with a footman’s platform behind] Chaise [open carriage, usually with a hood, especially a one-horse, two-wheeled carriage for two persons], Calash [light carriage with two or four low wheels and a collapsible top], or Hearse drawn by six horses, or more                                                                     Two Shillings

For every Coach, Chariot, Landau, Berlin, Chaise, Calash, or Hearse drawn by four horses,                                                                                   One Shilling & six pence

For every Coach, Chariot, Landau, Berlin, Chaise, Calash, or Hearse or chair drawn by two horses,                                                                        One Shilling

For every Calash, Chaise or chair drawn by one horse;        Six pence

For every Waggon, Wain [heavy four-wheeled cart for hauling loads, pulled by horses or oxen for farm use], or Carriage with four Wheels

(not above charged) drawn by four or more Horses               One Shilling & six pence

or Oxen

For every such carriage drawn by less than four:                                      One Shilling

For all other Carriages                                                                               One Shilling

For every Horse, Mule or Ass laden or unladen, and not drawing             One penny

For every Drove [herd] of Oxen, Cows or Neat Cattle

[other domestic bovine animals] per score, and so in proportion               Ten pence

for any greater or less Number

For every Drove of Calves, Hogs, sheep or lambs per score                     Five pence

& so proportionably for a greater or less Number





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