The New Government

‘The New Government’, cartoon by David Low printed in the Daily Herald newspaper, 6th November 1951

From the collection of the British Cartoon Archive, University of Kent. © Solo Syndication


Opening of Parliament


The new Government – as Low sees it


[Man elbowing aside a group of men dressed in robes and crowns:]

Elbowing aside a herd of Lords…


[Two men in trench coats following a suited man with a rope around his leg:]

we spy Rab Butler, leg-roped by City friends who fear he is not what they paid for.


[Man throwing cigar butts into a bucket:]

Ah, here is Mr C. conducting his “save-cigar-butts” economy campaign.


[Surly man wearing a Welsh hat:]

Maxwell Fyfe is sick of people casting doubt on his Welsh parentage.


[Harried man holding onto a file:]

Look out! Monckton’s just discovered there are not enough men or materials to go around.


[Man bending down to inspect a dog house labelled Fido:]

Already Macmillan has begun inspecting models for his 300,000 houses.


[Man standing next to a wheelbarrow with a steel propeller in it:]

Poor Sandys, wondering how to sell the steel industry back to ex-shareholders who don’t want to buy it.

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