Soviet territories 1939 – 1947

British map showing Soviet territorial gains 1939-1947 (Catalogue ref: CAB 158/1)

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[Red] = Soviet territorial gains since 1939.

[Light red] = Protective belt

[Dotted (lightest red)] = Zone of conflict.

[Striped (blue)] = Main Soviet industrial areas.

[Line with dashes and dots] = Soviet frontier

[Dotted line] = Boundaries of Russian zones of occupation

[Dashed line] = Main geographical divisions for purposes of J.I.C.(47)7.


This map is drawn on a Polar Equidistant, projection so that the N. and S. scale is constant at 305 Miles to 1°, but the scale in other directions varies.

The E. to W. scale N. of 60° is approximately 300 Miles to 1°, 40°-60° N. is approximately 280 Miles to 1°, 20°-40° is approximately 250 Miles to 1°.


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