Transportation register

Extract from the transportation register for the Admiral Gambier, 1808 (HO 11/1 folio 411)


Names Where convicted When Term
William Hawkins Middlesex Gaol Delivery 17 Sep 1806 Life
Robert Harrison als Brown DoDoDo
Samuel Britton DoDoDo
George Sheals Do3 Dec 1806 Life
William Marsden Do14 Jan 1807 Life
James Butler Do14 Jan 1807 Life
Elizabeth ux Edward Cobb Do14 Jan 1807 7 Years
Timothy Quin Do14 Jan 1807 7 Years
George Grove Do18 Feb 1807 7 Years
James Mackey Do18 Feb 1807 7 Years
Thomas Hayes Do8 April 1807 8 April 1807 Life
John McCarthy Do8 April 1807 7 Years
George Olaffe als Oliffe als Patchell Do8 April 1807 7 Years


1. Approximately 278 convicts are recorded in folios 405-418 of HO 11/1 (202 male; 76 female). These convicts were transported on the Admiral Gambier and the Eolus (also spelt Aeolus) in July 1808. Folio 411 (transcribed above) records 22 of the 200 convicts transported on the Admiral Gambier, of which 197 reportedly arrived in Sydney on 20 December 1808 (3 male convicts presumed dead en route). All of the convicts on the Eolus landed safely on 26 January 1809.
2. Usually convicts were transported for 7-years, 14-years or Life.
3. Als: alias
4. Ux:  abbreviated form of ‘uxor’, meaning ‘wife of’
5.  ‘Ditto’ or ‘Do’ – as previously listed

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