Refusal to enlist

Prisoners who refused a pardon on condition of joining the Army, undated but believed to be 1808 (HO 13/18 folios 299-300)

Extract from the Home Office Criminal Entry Books.  These books record details of pardons and reprieves. This volume covers 1806 to 1808 (HO 13/18 f.299-300)

List of Convicts who refuse to Enlist etc
No. on Ships Book Names Convicted
Where WhenSentence
1459 Samuel CarterMiddlesex 17th September 1806 NSW Life Refused
1482 William Marsden Do14th January 1807 DoDo
1483 James Butler Do14th January 1807 Do Do
1496 Timothy Hoy Hertford 5th March 1807 Do Do
1502 John Hopkins York 7th March 1807 Do Do
1526 John Simmons Warwick 23rd March 1807 Do Do
381 William Card Bristol 1st April 1807 DoDead
1426 Henry Christian Horsham 16th March 1807 NSW Life Insane
918 John Morris Chelmsford 27th July 1803 BS 7 Years Refused
940 John Suck Warwick 24th March 1803 Do Do
1395 Edward Johnson Lancaster 16th August 1806 Do Do
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