Gripping ‘is throat

Now you’ve got different types of gas to look out for. Early people used a lot of tear gas, don’t use that so much any more. Some things you have to look out for is phosgene, chlorine, now those gases  they attack your breathing so a fella under chlorine or a phosgene attack will be gripping his throat and will go blue. Basically, a doctor told me this, he said that what happens is that your lungs fill up with fluid and you drown in that fluid. So that’s them and then you’ve got mustard gas which basically burns you. It burns every part of your skin that’s exposed. So it can burn your eyes and make you blind for a while, maybe permanently. Or it can get inside your throat and burn your insides and all. When I were in hospital with trench foot last Christmas, there was a poor young lad there who’d been attacked by mustard gas and his whole body was burnt and there’s not much really that they could do for him. Couldn’t even put the poor fella into bed because it were too painful for him. So they built, was like a sling, a hammock for him and they couldn’t put any bandages on him either. Poor nurses all they could do was go along and pour oil on him, add him a bit of comfort. So gas is a terrible thing, aye.