Learning Curve, The Great War
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Useful notes: Source7
A newsreel clip showing Armistice Day ceremonies in 1930
(British Pathe: 751.23)
  • This film clip shows the Armistice Day ceremonies in 1930.
  • The Great War officially ended in July 1919 when Germany signed the Treaty of Versailles. Soon afterwards, the French government held a solemn procession in Paris marking the event.
  • British Prime Minister Lloyd George wanted a similar event to take place in Britain and suggested a temporary memorial should be built to be the central focus of the ceremony.
  • The first ceremony was in July 1919 and then every Armistice Day. The Cenotaph was originally meant to be a temporary monument, but public demand wanted it to be a permanent one.
  • The ceremony still takes place every year and is broadcast on radio and TV by the BBC.
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