Learning Curve, The Great War
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Useful notes: Source4
Extracts from British newspapers commenting on the Treaty, 30 June 1919
(By permission of the British Library)
  • When the Treaty terms were announced in June 1919, there was a very mixed reaction. The newspapers of the time in Britain suggested that Germany would no longer threaten world peace. The general opinion in Britain was that the terms were lenient and should probably have been more severe.
  • Any complaints by the Germans were dismissed as trickery and play-acting.
  • Source 4a comes from The Times newspaper, which generally favoured the Treaty. As it shows, when Prime Minister David Lloyd George returned from Paris in June 1919, he received a hero's welcome. The king came out to meet him at the railway station. This was completely unheard of in British history.
  • Source 4b comes from the Daily Herald. This was a socialist newspaper, which had been against the war in the first place because it claimed ordinary men and women suffered while the rich prospered from war contracts. The Herald believed that the Treaty would simply start another war once Germany recovered.
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