Learning Curve, The Great War
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Useful notes: Source6
Soldiers' experiences of conditions at Gallipoli during the campaign in 1915
(Catalogue ref: c. The National Archives RAIL 253/516, a. & b. Courtesy of the Imperial War Museum, 007396, 008667)
  • These two interviews were recorded in 1984, when the two soldiers would have been very old men – in their 80s at least.
  • Source 6a is an interview with Malcolm Hancock. He was a British officer who served with the Northamptonshire Regiment in Gallipoli in 1915. He also served with the West African Regiment in 1917-18.
  • His description corresponds with many other soldiers' accounts of their experiences of the Great War – they coped with and adapted to the terrible situations they found themselves in, to a great extent through the support of the other soldiers in their unit.
  • Source 6b is an interview with Harold Boughton. He was an ordinary private in the City of London Regiment. He served at Gallipoli. He also served with the Royal Defence Corps guarding prisoners from 1916-19.
  • Boughton's account tallies with other evidence from the Gallipoli campaign. Apart from wounds in battle, one of the biggest causes of casualties was disease.
  • Source 6c was written and sent on 18 June 1915 by T. Harold Watts. We're not sure what rank he was, but he was probably an ordinary soldier, not an officer.
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