Learning Curve, The Great War
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Useful notes: Source2
Extract from a meeting of the British government's War Council, January 1915
(Catalogue ref: CAB 42/1/26)
  • This source shows an extract of British government discussions about the Dardanelles on 28 January 1915. The Dardanelles were the narrow straits of water between the Turkish mainland and the rocky peninsula of Gallipoli. Ships which sailed through the Dardanelles would then reach the Sea of Marmara and then Constantinople. On the other side of Constantinople was the Black Sea, which was dominated by Russia.
  • Grand Duke Nicholas was the senior commander of the Russian armed forces. The men whose names appear in capital letters in this source are all senior members of the British government.
  • At this stage, the plan being discussed is a purely naval attack on the Dardanelles. The aim was that Royal Navy ships would fight their way up the straits and destroy the Turkish forts and gun batteries protecting the Straits.
  • The Russian exchanges meant Russia's economy.
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