Learning Curve, The Great War
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Useful notes: Source4
British government document setting out concerns about German naval plans in 1912
(Catalogue ref: ADM 116/3109 f.13)
  • This source is a small extract from a document produced in June 1912.
  • The document was produced for the Cabinet. It was recommending the removal of at least two 'Dreadnought' battleships from the Mediterranean to strengthen British naval forces nearer home. Dreadnoughts were faster, better armoured and more powerful than any previous type of battleship.
  • The reason for this was the German Navy Law. In 1912, the German leader Kaiser Wilhelm II passed a new Navy Law. This involved a huge increase in spending on new warships.
  • Although Britain had a much larger navy than Germany, it was spread around the world defending Britain's trade and empire. Germany's fleet concentrated close to British waters was seen as a serious threat.
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