Learning Curve, The Great War
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Transcript: Source4
Telegram from General Sir Douglas Haig to General Sir Henry Rawlinson, 2 July 1916
(Catalogue ref: WO 158/234)

General Sir Henry Rawlinson.
Adv. First Army.
Second Army.
Third Army.
Second Corps.


2nd July.

Please convey following to your troops :-

I am well satisfied with the results gained by the gallant efforts of the FOURTH ARMY yesterday and today. The enemy has lost heavily and is severely shaken. We have not yet completely broken down his resistance on the front attacked, and there is still hard fighting to be done, but we have gone a long way towards beating him, and a considerable success is within our reach.

He has few reserves available while we have many, and his power to resist successfully a continued and determined prosecution of our attack is limited.

At this juncture every man must put forward his utmost efforts and the enemy must be given no respite.

Addressed Gen. Sir Henry Rawlinson, repeated First, Second and Third Armies, and Second Corps.

Advanced G.H.Q.
8 p.m.

J. H. Davidson

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