Learning Curve, The Great War
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Transcript: Source4
A series of photos showing the front line around the village of Loos, June 1915
(Catalogue ref: PRO 30/57/51)

[This panorama photo was taken on 21 June 1915 and includes a field view of 45° from E to N.E. It shows where landscape features were located, including:

  • British and German trenches crossing the Bethuné to Lens Road
  • German sap heads
  • The town of Wingles
  • British saps
  • A chalk pit
  • A German listening post
  • The village of Pont-à-Vendin
  • The village of Loos, with its church and cemetery marked
  • An old mill
  • A mine-head
  • The British and German front-line trenches]
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