Learning Curve, The Great War
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Transcript: Source6
Part of a note written by a government official on the subject of recruitment, December 1914
(Catalogue ref: CAB 37/122 f.235)

Civil servants who are required to carry on the work of their Departments obviously have a genuine reason for not serving with the colours, and are to that extent, presumably, qualified to register in a Volunteer Training Corps. For instance, out of my staff of 1,915, 283 have joined the Regular or Territorial Army or been called up since the war began, and it is with difficulty that I have been able to rearrange the work of my Department so as to carry on the work of the Board efficiently. There are other members of the staff who would, I am informed, be very glad to be given leave to join the Volunteer Training Corps and to be trained in such hours as would not interfere with their office work, and who, in the event of a crisis, might be called up by the War Office to go through a complete training and serve in the regular forces.

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