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Why was it so hard to make peace at the end of the war?

The Great War ended on 11 November 1918. Technically, this date was an armistice, a temporary break in the fighting while the politicians discussed what to do next. The leaders of all the countries on the Allied side met in Paris in January 1919. It took six months to draw up the treaty terms and then the Germans rejected them.

Why did it take so long to draw up treaty terms? Why were the Germans so appalled by the result? In this gallery you will examine sources from the time. This will help you understand the complex situation in 1919.

The key question in this gallery is: Why was it so hard to make peace at the end of the war?

This worksheet will help you plan your work and present your conclusions.

Lloyd George portrait
To help you investigate this question there are 2 case studies:
What did the leaders want from the Treaty of Versailles? How did the various sides react to the Treaty of Versailles?
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