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Why did Britain go to war in 1914?

The Great War lasted from 1914-18. It was the most destructive war that had ever been fought. Ever since 1914, politicians and historians have been arguing about why the war started.

There is another important question about the start of the war. When war broke out in August 1914, Germany, Austria-Hungary, Russia and France were all bound by their commitments to their allies. They had to go to war. Britain was not in that position. Despite this, Britain decided to join in the war on the side of Russia and France.

The key question in this gallery is: Why did Britain go to war in 1914?

This worksheet will help you plan your work and present your conclusions.

Soldier with union jack
To help you investigate this question there are 3 case studies:
Did Britain see Germany as a threat? Did Britain go to war over Belgium? Did public opinion drag Britain into the war?
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