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23rd June, 1937

My dear Eustace

In reply to your letter of the 18th June about the Bilbao children housed in a Salvation Army Home, I have made enquiries and found that the Home is the Salvation Army Central Institute, Linscott Road, Clapton. The home was inspected early this month after the children’s arrival by an Officer of the Ministry, who reported that the premises as a whole are suitable as a temporary home, although the space out of doors is very cramped. The furniture and equipment are good, and the Salvation Army is ready to provide any further requirements. The Army has in fact already increased the staff at the Home, and I think it may be said that the arrangements there are generally satisfactory.

The confined space for playing and exercise are the main difficulties which have led to the “running away” about which you have heard. I understand that children have from time to time broken out of the Home, encouraged by irresponsible local elements, and returned after a short


The Rt. Hon. Lord Eustace Percy, M.P.

The Old Rectory,


Nr. Guildford.

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Letter to a Member of Parliament sent on the 23rd June 1937 about Salvation Army Home in Clapton, East London. MH 37/324

  • What has happened at this home? Why?