Report of Survey


Life-saving appliances

Description of boats and rafts No. Cubic contents in feet No. of persons they will accommodate Materials No. under davits Are they so placed as to be readily got into the water? Are they provided with the equipments required by the rules?
Boats, Section A 14 9172 910 Wood 14 Yes Yes
Boats,   ,,    B            
Boats,   ,,    C            
Boats,   ,,    D 2 648 80 Wood 2 Yes Yes
Boats,   ,,    E

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Life rafts




  188 Wood with canvas bulwarks  Yes Yes
Number of life belts Number of life buoys Is the ship supplied with all the life-saving appliances required by the rules?
3560 48 Yes
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  • How many lifebelts were there on board? These are the lifejackets we saw in the mystery document. There were 2228 people on board, were there enough for everyone?
  • Add up the ‘No. of persons they will accommodate’ column. Were there enough spaces in lifeboats for all the 2228 passengers?
  • What other lifesaving equipment is listed? Did the Titanic have all the lifesaving equipment required by the rules? Why do you think this was?