Extract of ADM51/672


The former part fresh gales & cloudy weather, the latter moderate & fair, about noon gave an Order to mt 1st L’t Mr Robert Maynard to go commander in chief by sea of two Sloops the Jane & Ranger, hir’d by Governor Spotswood, & mann’d & arm’d out of his [?] Ships Pearl & Lyme to proceed to North Carolina to attack one Edward Thack, commonly call’d Blackbeard; this day he sailed from hence, with one months provisions at whole allowance for 35 men, in the Jane which I mann’d out of the Pearl, & 25 in the Ranger mann’d arm’d and [?], by Capt Brand out of the Lyme.


At around Noon/midday, I gave an order to my First Lieutenant Robert Maynard to command two ships, the Jane and Ranger.  He was to go to North Carolina to attack Edward Thack, mostly commonly called Blackbeard.

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