COPY 1/209 (362e) 'When Mother Travels' Tom Browne

Look at document COPY 1/209 (362e). During the 18th and early 19th centuries tourists abroad would travel by horse and carriage. Roads were in such bad condition that journeys were difficult and long as well as dangerous.

Once a traveller arrived at their destination they tended to want to stay there for some time before making the return journey. This meant that travellers had to bring clothes for all weathers, food and drink to last the journey as well as books and games for relaxation.

  • How many suitcases and packages can you find?
  • What sorts of things do you think this lady might have packed for her journey?
  • The more luggage people took, the more expensive the journey. If you had to choose only 10 items to take on your long journey, what would they be? Could you fit them all in one bag?