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Was Vietnam a turning point in the Cold War?

Why has a war in a small country in South East Asia become one of the most heavily researched wars of all time? It is difficult to say why, but there is no doubt that the Vietnam War raises a range of vital issues for historians:

  • It was a war in which a giant superpower was unable to defeat a small, poor country.
  • It was part of a wider pattern of Cold War conflict.
  • It was covered by the media in great detail, so people knew more about this war than any previous one.
  • It devastated Vietnam and divided the USA.

In this gallery you are going to look at the aims of American Presidents in Vietnam. You will also look at how Americans and the rest of the world saw US policy in Vietnam. We have 2 case studies which will help you to develop your own views on the Big Question. Look at the Big Question section to see exact details of what you have to do. When you are clear in your own mind, click on the case studies to begin your investigation.

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Case Studies *
* How and why America got into Vietnam * *
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* How and why America got out of Vietnam * *
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The Big Question