The Big Question - How close did the world come to nuclear war in the 1950's and 1960's and how much did ordinary people know about it?

The situation
All over Britain and the USA a new type of historical museum is starting to appear - the redundant nuclear bunker. Some of them are highly developed, like this one:

link to Essex Secret Bunker


The bunker
However, there are lots which are just empty shells.

You are working for someone who has just bought an empty bunker and plans to turn it into a museum.

  • The museum's main focus is the Big Question in this Gallery.
  • You are working on the first phase of the museum, working with the owners to plan the content.
  • There will be five rooms in the museum. The first and the last rooms will be the introduction and conclusion room. The owners have fairly clear ideas about this. However, the three rooms in the middle need a lot of work.
  • It will be fairly high-tech museum. As visitors walk into each room of the bunker they will trigger a sensor. The sensor will start up an audio visual presentation. The presentation will be projected on to the walls of the room.
  • You have to write the soundtrack for the presentations in three of the rooms. The owner expects you to base the three rooms on the three Case Studies.
  • The soundtrack can mix up your own words with extracts taken from original sources.
  • You can also advise on what the visual part of the audio visual presentation should show.
  • You could also advise on sound effects and any other effects, if you have good ideas.
  • You can always make suggestions about the introduction and conclusion rooms as well.


The job
Your job is to research the case studies and plan the soundtracks. The grid below will help you. Remember that your soundtrack sections will need to be much longer than those used in rooms 1 and 5. You could create your own audio visual presentations using the sources in this Gallery and presentation software.


… they will hear/feel (your suggested sound and other effects)

  • Rumbling and flash of light
  • Faint cries of pain