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4a Look carefully at the switches on the box. What do they show?

Analysis and Interpretation
4b Look closely at Stalin. What impression of Stalin does the cartoonist give?
4c What evidence is there that this is a negative view of Stalin?
4d What other evidence have you come across which suggests that this negative view is either deserved or undeserved?

Case Study Question
Fill out the relevant line of your Case Study Worksheet.

The Big Question
Look at your answers to the questions on source 4.
  • Has this source given you any ideas about awkward questions to ask the leaders?
  • What evidence have you found which you think they will find hard to explain?
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    A cartoon from the British newspaper the Evening Standard published in March 1948 (Associated Newspapers/British Cartoon Archive)

    Extract from the minutes of the British Cabinet in August 1919. This extract contains a report by Churchill on events in the Russian Civil War at the time