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Section from original Zinoviev letter Modern version
The time is approaching for the Parliament of England to consider the treaty concluded between the governments of Great Britain and the SSSR for the purpose of ratification.  
The fierce campaign raised by the British bourgeoisie around the question shows that the majority of the same, together with reactionary circles, are against the treaty …  
… for the purposes of breaking off an agreement consolidating the ties between the proletariats of the two countries leading to the restoration of normal relations between England and the SSSR.  
In the meanwhile, however, strain every nerve in the struggle for ratification of the treaty, in favour of a continuation of negotiations regarding the regulation of relations between the SSSR and England.  
A settlement of relations between the two countries will assist in the revolutionising of the international and British proletariat not less than a successful rising in any of the working districts in England, …  
as the establishment of a close contact between the British and Russian proletariat, the exchange of delegations and workers etc, will make it possible for us to extend and develop the propaganda of ideas of Leninism in England and the colonies.  
  • Britain's Parliament will soon be deciding whether to accept MacDonald's proposed treaty with the USSR.
  • Good relations between Britain and the USSR will help us to convince working people in Britain and other countries that they should support a Communist revolution. This will be even more effective than an event like a Communist rising in a working class area of Britain.
  • The enemies of working people do not want working people in Britain and the USSR to have closer links.
  • The wealthy people and enemies of ordinary working people are against this treaty.
  • When we have proper relations with Britain, there will be events like conferences and trading visits. This will make it easier for us to bring agents and propaganda into Britain and its colonies.
  • You should do everything you can to support the treaty being accepted by Parliament.