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Why did Britain become a republic?

Case study 2: New government - Source 1

Simplified transcript

A report on the arrest of some Levellers, 29 March 1649

(Catalogue ref: SP 25/62, pp.134-5)

We report to the House, that in carrying out their order of the 27th of March, the Council has had four persons arrested, that is:

Lieutenant Colonel John Lilburne,
Mr. William Walwyn,
Mr. Richard Overton and
Mr. Thomas Prince.

The Council has been informed by some witnesses, who were before the Council, that Lt. Colonel Lilburne read the book called 'England's New Chains Discovered' last Sunday at Winchester House to a great crowd of people. He persuaded people to buy it, and tried to answer objections made against it. And there he declared that himself and three others, Mr. Walwyn, Mr. Prince and Mayor Cobbet, would support that book with their lives.