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Why did people want the king back in 1646?

Case study 2: Viewpoints 1645-46 - Source 2


A letter written by Charles I to Parliament about a treaty, 26 December 1645

(Catalogue ref: SP 16/511/87)

If therefore his Majestie may have the engagement of you two Houses of Parliament at Westminster, the Commissioners of the Parts of Scotland, the Maiors, Aldermen, Common Councell & Militia of London, of the chiefe Comanders in Sir Thomas Fairfax Army, as alsoe of those in the Scotts Army for his Majestie & safe comeing to & aboade in London or Westminster; (with such of his servants now attending him & their followers (not exceeding in all the number of three hundred, for the space of forty dayes, & after the said tyme for his free & safe repaire to any of the Guarrisons of Oxon, Worcester or Newarke, which his Majestie shall nominate at any tyme before his goeing from London or Westminster, his Majestie propounds to have a personall Treaty with the two Houses of Parliament at Westminster & the Commissioners of the Parliament of Scotland upon all matters which may conduce to the restoring of peace & happinesse to those miserably distracted Kingdomes;